Thank you for purchasing your new and beautiful POSH Unit/Luxury Extensions. Your purchase is an investment and should be treated as such. The below information has been provided as a resource to ensure maximum longevity of your new unit.

Be sure to check back frequently to see if any new information/tips have been added.


By registering your POSH Unit you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY standard ‘WIG LAUNDRY’ service. You can register your wig here. Upon registering your wig please take note of the discount code that will be emailed to you and redeem within 1 calendar year of purchase date.


If you have not selected to have the lace pre-cut prior to shipping, please note that the proper way to remove the lace is by cutting in a zig zag/ jagged motion. You can do this by using scissors and/or an eyebrow razor. Doing so ensures that there is not a harsh of demarcation from where your wig begins.


Lace is FABRIC. Fabric that is made into a web-like pattern either by hand or machine. Your lace can be manipulated by adding makeup such as our "Lace/Away" which is a cream concealer palette with 9 various shades to choose from. We recommend using makeup if necessary. However, it is your personal preference in doing so. You can purchase the "Lace/ Away" palette here.


We HIGHLY recommend that you store your POSH Unit on a mannequin, canvas/wig head or you can purchase our new POSH Protect Wig Storage bags here.


The more that you wear your unit the more product/dirt will build up over time. If you wear your unit every day or every other day we suggest co-washing, co-washing is when you use conditioner only,  your unit every 1.5-2 weeks and shampoo/condition every 3-4 weeks. After washing allow your hair to air dry to it's natural state. For bundles please co-wash upon arrival.

The below brands are the recommended products to use and can all be purchased at your local super market, Sally's and/or Beauty Supply store.

  • SHAMPOO: Aussie Moist, Dove Intense Repair and Ion Color Defense.
  • CONDITIONER: Aussie Moist, Dove Intense Repair and Ion Color Defense, Silicon Mix and Silicon Mix Argan Oil.


  • When using any heating appliance it is important to use a proper heat protectant. Our "Silkening Mist" is a heat protectant and polishing spray that will leave your hair feeling smooth and hydrated while adding a natural shine. You can purchase the "Silkening Mist" here.
  • Our "Slick Stick" is a wax stick that will give your hair a sleek and polished finish. You can purchase the "Slick Stick" here.
  • The recommended oils/serums we suggest is Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum. You can purchase this product at your local super market such as Walmart, Kroger and/or your local beauty supply.

If you have any additional questions please contact us directly via email at 


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